Out with the old.

I created my first blog in 2007 at the ripe old age of 16. My goal was to share my political views far and wide, and in case there was any doubt of my intent, I named it “Jessica’s Soapbox.” Talk about bullhorn in the face! Over the next couple years, I published posts like “Iowa Presidential Caucus,” “My advice for Hillary,” and “Politics made simple.” (Don’t bother looking for them, they got reverted back to draft status somewhere in my college years when the embarrassment caught up to me!)

I was at the height of my high school political frenzy, which phased out soon after I started college. The door knocking, the phone calling, the letters to the editor, the web designing, the debates, and the victory parties–that was my life.

But the teenage years don’t last forever (thank goodness) and the political ranty side of me went the way of that bad perm, the braces, and the xanga account (anyone? anyone?).

I’ve tried to revitalize and update the blog several times, but the title becomes less and less relevant.

For awhile I posted all my college writings, but realized that didn’t exactly fit either. I don’t want to share dry academic papers written to answer a professor’s prompt.

Instead, I want to share about things I care about: real life, pictures, quotes, lessons learned, recipes, happiness, and yes, some deeper thoughts too. I’d like this blog to be more conversational, less preachy. More personal, less abstract.

It was time to take the plunge and start over.


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