Sporadic Attempts at Domesticity

On the first day of April, filled with the optimism of springtime, I took this picture of my vacant garden bed (also my empty compost buckets because was too lazy to move them out of the picture). I had decided that this year would be the best garden yet, and I would post a picture of green luscious leafy vegetableness along with this one to show the before and after. I envisioned perfect little rows of carrots, flowering echinacea, and peas climbing happily to the tops of my poles.


So here it is, nearing the end of August, and I’ve run outside to grab the after picture. The reality is that my peas all died of strangulation after I tied them too tightly to poles, my echinacea produced nothing but leaves, my tomatoes got some sort of dwarf syndrome, and worms ate all the leaves off my broccoli.

Thank goodness I planted cucumbers and potatoes because they are the only thing thriving. This would be a sad, sad picture without them!


If you like pretty pictures of food, keep scrolling, because I don’t feel like typing any more but I do like to look at these pictures.



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