Just November Things


Saturday was the perfect pie baking day. I can’t believe it’s November but it’s still warm enough to leave the door open. I love the way the breeze blows the leaves in through the open door. That and the sound of the wind chimes.

Of course, no baking day would feel quite right without the baking hairdo. It’s a very complicated technique. The higher the hair, the better the pie. That’s my theory anyway.


My favorite pie in the whole world right now is this one. I went to look it up and my browser informed me that I had last visited this page back in FEBRUARY. I was a little horrified at how long I had neglected it. 


You’ve got to try it. It combines maple syrup, pecans, and peaches…all of the best things! If you use canned peaches like I did, make sure they’re completely drained and add a little extra flour and cornstarch. Also if you don’t have bourbon, you can substitute vanilla and rum extract. I couldn’t be bothered to make an extra stop at the liquor store (here in Maryland, grocery stores aren’t allowed to sell alcohol), but 1/2 teaspoon of rum extract and 1 teaspoon vanilla per pie (plus enough water to equal the 3 tablespoons of bourbon) worked really well.

Oh, also, edge crimping hack: my mother told me that little girls make the best edges because they have tiny little fingers, and she’s right. But since I don’t have any of those yet I use my pinky finger and it’s not too bad!


It’s November and my garden is all dug out and my carrots came out looking a little less like the picture on the seed packet and a little more like something from a horror movie. Carrots, what did I ever do to you? Sad, sad carrots.


November also means that my canning is done and my favorite cupboard of all cupboards looks like this. Sometimes I am vain and I just stand and look at it.


With the leaves changing and the weather cooling, in October I dragged Kevin to Harper’s Ferry to climb to the top with me. In this picture we are blissfully unaware of the evening that’s in store for us. Look how calm and ignorant we are because we have no idea that the shuttle bus that is supposed to take us two miles to our happy, warm little car that has the water bottles will ABANDON US in the old town.


Basically the shuttle runs every fifteen minutes between the lower town and the parking lot, and the last one leaves at 6:45 at night. We were almost to the bottom of the giant hill mountain thing when we realized we were barely going to make it. So we RAN all the way down the path by the water, up the stairs, across the bridge, through the town, and we were still running, 20 feet away from the bus stop at 6:45:01 when the driver shut the doors and drove away without glancing back to see our desperate, horrified faces. We got to the benches at 6:45:30 and couldn’t believe what a difference thirty seconds can make sometimes.


And then I was so thankful for a husband who is always, always prepared. Because he had planned ahead for this to happen and had already thought about directions and flashlights and maps. Don’t know what I would do without him! We made it back safely but as we walked I composed an irrationally heated Yelp review for Harper’s Ferry all about ATTENTION TO SURROUNDINGS AND DO YOU EVEN REARVIEW MIRROR which will never be posted because I am not a horrible person. But it did make me feel better.


While we’re talking about fall things, I want to show you the pumpkin Kevin carved at our church’s Young Married’s fall gathering. I wanted a Cinderella carriage pumpkin so that’s what he made! It turned out great, but what you can’t tell from the picture is that it is a deceptively healthy looking pumpkin. On the inside it was completely rotten! I am now deeply mistrustful of all pumpkins. And to think that I had to dive headfirst to the bottom of the pumpkin bin at Aldi (with loud huffing sounds and legs flailing) to retrieve that thing. Ungrateful.

Happy Fall, everyone! Have some hot chocolate.


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