About me

[In which I attempt to sum up my entire self in one concise paragraph.]

I hate writing bios. I second guess myself, hit backspace a lot, and verge on existential crisis.

5But here we go: my name is Jess, I’m married to Kevin, and we live in an adorable little apartment in Maryland. We met in college and even though the tests and papers are behind us now, we never want to stop learning. Kevin works as a security guard with a gun and everything (yes, he is hot in his uniform). Right now I work in an office though someday I want to have five babies and dress them as ducklings when we go shopping.

I love baking, chocolate, anything with sugar. My dentist says I like sugar too much, and I say I don’t need that kind of negativity in my life. I’ll do anything to avoid washing dishes. I’m attempting to get better at gardening (AKA fewer dead plants, more actual vegetables). I wish I could say I love running, but that’s an awfully generous word for the gasping and dragging I’ve forced myself into. I love people and discovering new places. I never drink enough water.

Onto the deeper stuff… I’m a sinner, saved by grace. I believe in a just and loving God, and I believe in absolute truth. But at the same time I’m trying to cultivate an attitude of humility and an open mind. I don’t want to spout opinions, I want to listen and to learn from others.


Photo credits: The cover picture and all the other professional pictures from that photoshoot were taken by the talented Katy Williams. Check out her site here!


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